Ensure that all community members are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.


Spread the awareness of rights and responsibilities in the community.


  • Identify the topics that need to be covered in awareness campaigns;
  • Plan, coordinate, mobilize resources for the awareness campaign;
  • Conduct awareness campaigns to spread awareness in the community;
  • Collect and analyze the feedback and make adjustments accordingly;

RRAI Pillars:

  • Community: working towards a better and stronger community.
  • Education: legal, financial, and cultural awareness.
  • Diversity: our services are open for all, everyone is welcome.
  • Justice: public education is one step closer to justice.


RRAI was established during the application of a proposal created as a response to the Neighborhood Decision Making Initiative/ City of London. The proposal aimed for organizing short courses or seminars in London neighborhoods about the rights and responsibilities of newcomers to London. The funding proposals were subject to a neighborhood vote in November 2019. The proposal was successful, receiving 233 votes, and the City of London provided a grant to fund those seminars.

RRAI is a registered charity, established under federal Canadian laws and regulations.

Charity Registration Number: 724956479 RR 0001

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