Rights and Responsibilities Awareness Initiative

Advisory Committee

RRAI Advisory Committee is a diversified committee of community facilitators representing different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, aiming to educate communities about rights and responsibilities to make Canada a better welcoming place for everyone.

Members of the Advisory Committee play a vital role in connecting RRAI with local communities and promoting RRAI activities and establishing connections with their community organizations. They are to ensure that information about RRAI activities is distributed among their communities, and to provide RRAI with feedback from them on their community’s needs and the quality of RRAI activities.

RRAI is committed to principles of anti-oppression and equity. We encourage members from Indigenous, ethnic-racial, LGBTQ+, immigrant, refugee, differently able and other equity-seeking groups to join and self-identify.

Indigenous community

Chesney Sickles-Jarvis

Latino Community

Luisa Garcia

Francophone Community

Manon Guillemette

Black Community

Sofiat Ajibowu

Indian Community

Yamini Parashar

Asian Community

Mona Lei

Middle Eastern Community

Omar Mohamed

LGBTIQA+ Community

Onyinye Enuoyibo