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Together Against Online Crimes

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Online Fraud educational awareness sessions

Navigating Fraud in Ontario: Understanding Legislation and Your Rights

Fraud in Ontario is a serious concern, with legislation constantly evolving to tackle this issue. Our organisation is dedicated to helping individuals understand their rights and the legal protections available under Ontario’s fraud legislations. We provide comprehensive resources and expert guidance on how to recognize and respond to various types of fraud, ensuring that residents are well-informed and equipped to protect themselves. Our team also offers personalised support to those who have fallen victim to fraud, guiding them through the process of legal recourse and recovery.


Combating Telephone Spam and Identity Theft

Telephone spam and identity theft are prevalent issues in the digital age, posing significant risks to personal privacy and security. Our organisation is at the forefront of combating these threats, offering education on how to identify spam calls and safeguard personal information. We advocate for stronger consumer protections and collaborate with telecommunications providers to reduce the incidence of telephone spam. For those affected by identity theft, we provide crucial support in managing the aftermath, including steps to secure personal data and legal avenues for addressing the violation.


Consumer Protection in Ontario: Your Ally in Safe Transactions

Consumer protection is paramount in maintaining trust and safety in market transactions. We are committed to empowering Ontarians with knowledge and tools to navigate the marketplace confidently. Our resources cover a wide range of consumer rights and protections under Ontario law, from understanding contracts and warranties to recognizing and reporting deceptive marketing practices. We also offer assistance to consumers who have experienced unfair practices, helping them seek resolution and advocate for their rights.


Guidance for Victims of Online Threats and Fraud

If you’re facing online blackmail or are a victim of fraud, immediate action is essential. Our organization offers confidential support and practical advice for these distressing situations. We guide individuals through the steps of documenting the blackmail or fraud, securing their online presence, and reporting the incident to the appropriate authorities. Additionally, we provide resources to protect your children from online spammers and predators, emphasising the importance of digital literacy and proactive measures to ensure their safety in the online world.