Criminal Court Process

Date: March 28, 2024 2:30 pm
Presenter: Carolynn Conron

In this follow-up session, Carolynn will discuss the process following a charge. What are your obligations while a charge is outstanding and how does a criminal charge proceed through the courts to a trial or resolution? What outcomes are available? Carolynn will speak about the process involved after charges are laid and how to navigate the court system. Named as one of London’s Top 20 Under 40, Carolynn is an intelligent and effective advocate, called to the bar in Ontario in 2011 and completed a Master of Laws in 2012 at Western on Canada’s Medical Marihuana Access Regulations, while working as review counsel at Community Legal Service. In April 2013, Carolynn started her own criminal law practice and has been listed as one of London’s Top Three Rated defence lawyers since 2018.